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Meraki: where two paths merge in Luxury.

A Tale of Synergy

At Meraki, two visionaries, Adrián and Luis, merge their worlds of yachts and real estate to create a truly unique offering in Ibiza. Each of us, with distinct journeys and experiences, brings our best to form Meraki, a name that is now synonymous with luxury and exclusivity on the island.

our mission

At Meraki, we don’t just offer yachts and properties; we provide personalized experiences forged from our shared passion and unwavering attention to detail. Our story is one of collaboration and excellence, and this collaboration is reflected in every service we provide. Every experience we craft is designed with care, combining the beauty of our properties with the freedom of exploration our yachts offer.

experience the luxury of meraki

Come to Ibiza and immerse yourself in a world where luxury blends with exceptional personal attention. At Meraki, we are not just a company; we are a lifestyle, an experience that begins with the union of two dreams



Maximize the value of your property with our expert management services. 


We guarantee quality and trustworthy tenants or buyers who appreciate the unique value of your property.

personalized care

Your property is unique, and so is our approach.


You deserve complete transparency when it comes to your property.

Let’s make something amazing together

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